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Gregory Pimstone on What Should be a Rational System for Emergency Care Payment?

If we talk about the whole California state, the emergency ward bills are so high that they are touching the peak. Not everyone here has their lockers and bank accounts loaded with money. Being one of the most developed countries on the world map, the government should pay heed to the system of health care departments, California. 

Gregory Pimstone, the head of a national law firm, among many others, contributed to the Affordable Care Act, according to which the masses who can’t pay their hefty medical bills will have it covered under their medical insurance. As many medical insurances have some boundaries set, as they don’t cover some of the health cases, but with this act implied, every medical case of someone who can’t afford it will be covered under the insurance. And this was an excellent initiative for the people who can’t afford long bills. 

If not thousands, hundreds of patients are taken to the emergency wards daily; their treatment expenses are sometimes even scary for them as well. There should be a solution that will be fully implied in every Emergency Room of every health care center. 

Government can set fair rates for emergency units in the hospitals. They can set some laws and legislations regarding that. Because if you roam your eyes at the money the hospitals charge, you can get stunned because it can put a fair person into crisis. 

It is not that hard to control this matter as it doesn’t even need a legal case to imply it. But still, there is no such legislature that could take action in this matter. Gregory Pimstone has done enough for the masses, but it is not only about them. Even the insurance companies can face issues as they don’t charge much but still cover the emergency room expenses. 

At the rate at which people are worried about this issue right now, more like pissed off, a court battle can come up regarding this issue. The solution to making the government take initiatives regarding the matter and pass a legislature to set fair rates for emergency care payment can be to hire expert lawyers and advocates to do something about it. 

And if the government won’t take any actions on its own, it seems like the only solution is to fill up all the cases in court with this matter. That will only be beneficial for the attorneys as they will keep fighting against the government until a proper solution, legislation, is introduced to set a fair payment for the emergency care department so that neither the patients nor the insurance companies will have to face any problem. 

Gregory Pimstone will gladly support the patients on this. He has already taken the initiative regarding the matter in the form of ACA, which favors the patients who can’t afford long medical bills. 

Government should do something regarding this; otherwise, the only solution possible for the people is to turn towards the courts that won’t benefit anyone but the lawyers themselves.


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