Business Intelligence That Maximizes Return On Capital

The most successful and profitable businesses consistently make great decisions. Great decisions are much easier when based on great data.

For retail environments great data comes from understanding customer behavior – where shoppers go and in what order. How long they stay and how often they return. Our proprietary technology anonymously detects and locates all mobile devices and analyzes how they move within a physical location, giving businesses access to unique, high-quality customer data at a granular level, that’s never before been possible.

Our clients consistently make insightful decisions based on powerful data that is unavailable anywhere else. It enables and empowers business owners to use every square foot of space positively for maximum return on capital.

What is your business looking to achieve?
Maximize Income

Optimize Asset Performance

Does your scheme generate the income that properly reflects the location and value of each space within it? Does each store show a return that justifies the investment you’ve made in it? Path Intelligence gives you the data you need to understand what to change to maximize your income per unit or department.

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Shopper Experience

Boost Center Operations

Are you creating an environment that excites visitors, persuades them to stay longer, to return again and again and become brand advocates for you? With our data, you’ll know. And you’ll know what to change.

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Marketing Measurement

Better your Marketing Return

Are you making the most of your marketing? Do events drive customers to you or to a competitor? Do you have hard data to give you the answers? If not, you need Path Intelligence.

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International Visitors

Foster International Visitors

International visitors often have different demands; are you meeting them? Do you know what their behaviors are, or how to influence them? We can show you.

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The Path Index

‘Shopper Hours’: The phrase acknowledged by the International Council of Shopping Centres as the means to most objectively measure traffic and dwell times, and so success or otherwise.

The Path Index from Path Intelligence is your means to get detailed, deep-dive data around Shopper Hours.

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