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Certain Changes Everything

What makes a shopping center successful? Location, architecture, brand mix, and marketing – and once the center is built, the first two are pretty much fixed. Now it’s all about tailoring the shopping experience to match your target shopper, and that’s no longer just about the stores. The Amazon-shoppers of today want a destination and a fresh experience – every time. Find out why Path Intelligence believe that Certain Changes Everything in this brave new world.

What we do for
Portfolio Owners

Driving value from a portfolio of shopping centers can be a challenge. Not only do you need day-to-day operational visibility across the full portfolio to understand trends in shopper traffic, dwell and sales, but the big decisions that make the biggest difference depend on easy access to in-depth shopper insight from multiple data sources – whether that’s in Asset Management, Marketing or Leasing.

What we do for
Shopping Center Teams

As a shopping center professional you know that shopper insight is a critical component of your operational management and decision-making. And that’s not just count. You also need to understand where your shoppers go, how long they spend there, what they spend there and where they go next, and ideally you need that daily. Learn more about how our tools help maximise your center performance

How we do it

Founded in the labs of MIT, Path Intelligence delivers a unique, award-winning location analytics technology to the shopping center industry. We use cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals to understand shopper location and combine it with customer and industry data to deliver operational visibility and deep shopper intelligence. We call it Decision Science – the application of scientific principles and practices to shopping center decision-making.

Who we do it for

Every day, around the world, we turn hundreds of millions of cellphone signals into Shopper Intelligence to provide our customers with day-to-day operational visibility, and deliver the insight needed to make better decisions. These customers range from the world’s leading property companies with large multi-center portfolios to successful independents looking to achieve or consolidate competitive advantage.

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