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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Filtered Water

If you don’t like chlorine’s taste in tap water, it’s now time to buy a water filter. Many people receive tap water from their municipal source. This water comes with added chlorine, fluoride, and chloramine to remove harmful bacteria.

While removing the harmful bacteria, chlorine comes with health concerns such as stomach upsets and itchy eyes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that there is a relationship between chlorinated water and cancer.

With this information, you don’t need someone to remind you that you need to start drinking non-chlorinated water. Here are five benefits you’ll get if you filter your water.

1. Non-Chlorinated Water Improves Digestion

As we’ve already noted, chlorinated water causes digestion issues. This means if you filter your water, you won’t have to deal with indigestion. One of the functions of water is to aid digestion; hence it’s essential that it does that without problems, and filtering ensures that.

2. Improved Blood and Oxygen Flow

If you stay hydrated all the time, you keep away from health issues such as blood pressure. Lack of enough water in the blood causes clocked veins and arteries, which expose you to blood pressure.

Drinking filtered water ensures your blood flows well, as there is nothing to clog the arteries. Increased blood flow also equals enough oxygen supply and a healthy you.

3. Non-Chlorinated Water Is Free From Contaminants

If you notice that you can’t comfortably use your tap water for simple home use such as fermentation, it’s probably full of chlorine. Filtered water is the most ideal for fermentation. This water is free from contaminants such as copper, cadmium, and mercury that interfere with the fermentation process.

Water filters with an activated charcoal filtration system are said to work well in reducing the awful chlorine taste and odor. If you don’t have the filters, you can boil your water for 20 minutes and let the chlorine evaporate as it cools.

4. Protects Your Kidneys

People love salt, but it’s the biggest source of kidney problems. If you’re not hydrated, you’ll be exposed to kidney stones. Water is supposed to protect your kidney, but chlorine in the water won’t do you any good.

That’s why you need to properly filter your water and ensure it’s free from chlorine and other contaminants. Water filtration dilutes the salt, which prevents stones from forming.

5. Aid Weight Loss

Drinking water is the most basic way of losing weight and getting your body in shape. According to an NCBI study, drinking water increases the amount of resting energy an average adult spends by about 24-30% after ten minutes of drinking. Drinking water also reduces appetite, so you won’t overeat and gain weight.

Give Your Body the Best Water

As you strive to ensure your body gets enough water for vital functions, don’t forget that it needs to be safe. Your body deserves to get non-chlorinated water to protect it from contaminants and risks of disease exposure. Ensure you get an effective water filter or use natural ways such as boiling to remove chlorine from water.

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