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6 Packing Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier (but at Least You Know Now)

Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure, one that closes one chapter and begins another. However, moving can also be a stressful and overwhelming experience.

You have a seemingly endless to-do list that includes scheduling movers, turning off utilities for your current home, turning on utilities for your new home, updating your mailing address, and more. Added to the fact that you also need to pack all your items and prepare to move and unpack them in your new home

With all the tasks you have to complete, using a few packing tips can not only save you time, but also save you effort, stress, and frustration. If you are getting ready to move and need some packing and moving tips, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Create a Plan of Action

A great tip for packing your home is to create a plan of action. A comprehensive plan with a timeline is a good way to stay organized during your move. If you are looking for quality movers, you can find out more about your options here.

2. Designate a Command Center

One of the most helpful moving tips to follow is to designate a command center in your home. This is a room that has all of your packing supplies, your plan of action, moving to-do-list, and more. By keeping everything together you can stay organized and make the process easier.

3. Declutter First

A helpful house packing tip to follow is to declutter first. The average home has about 300,000 items, and many of those items make up the clutter we live with. Rather than packing things you don’t need, want, or use, consider donating them or throwing them away.

4. Use the Right Size Boxes

A useful moving hack to use is to pack your items in the right size boxes. You should have a variety of sizes in a few different weights. You can use a simple method for packing: heavy items in heavy boxes and light items in lightweight boxes.

5. Label Everything

Labeling everything will save you time and effort. You should be labeling the boxes based on the items inside and the room they should be delivered to. Consider labeling the name of the person who owns the item as well.

6. Pack an Essentials Bag

One of the best tips for moving is to pack an essentials bag. This is a bag full of the items you will need during your first night and morning in your new home. By packing an essentials bag, you will not need to hunt for certain items before you have unpacked your boxes.

These Are the Packing Tips Every Traveler Needs to Know

By using these packing tips, you can pack your home quickly and efficiently.

Start by creating a plan of action and designating a command center. You should also declutter first, use the right size boxes, and label everything. Make sure to pack an essentials bag for the first night and morning in your new home.

Follow these tips to take the stress out of packing for a move.

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