7 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of facing road accidents than any other motorists. The various challenges motorcycle riders face on the road largely contribute to this. And because motorbikes lack any protective structure surrounding or protecting the rider, it often leads to more severe injuries than car accidents.

Motorcycle accidents seem to increase every day, with the most affected casualties being motorcyclists. Mark Brown is a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer from Lane and Lane, which is just one in many law firms in the United States that offers solutions to motorcycle accident victims. 

It’s very important to ensure you are wearing protective gear when riding and observe road safety rules always. However, if you get into an accident due to another motorist’s negligence, a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer can help you make a full recovery of your loss.

Keep reading to find out some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents you ought to avoid while on the road.

Which Common Motorcycle Accident Causes Do You Need to Watch Out For?

1. Left-Hand Turns Made by Cars

It can get risky for a motorcyclist when they come across a car that’s making a left-hand turn. When a motorcycle rider goes straight towards an intersection, they can collide with a turning car when trying to overtake or pass. 

These types of collisions are usually very common because motorcycles are less visible to larger turning vehicles.

2. Speeding

When a motorist is speeding they reduce their chances of identifying and avoiding dangerous situations; this makes speeding the number one cause of most accidents. 

Speed determines the extent and severity of the impact during a collision. Stay safe and ride the speed limit.

3. Dangerous Road Conditions

Compared to cars, motorcycles are way more susceptible to bad road conditions as they do not have the same stability. Factors such as slack debris, uneven pavement, slippery or wet surfaces, and loose gravel can cause major accidents for motorcycles.

4. Head-On Collisions

Collisions between a vehicle and motorcycle cause the most fatalities out of all other motorcycle accidents. Such head-on collisions are mostly fatal to the motorcycle rider but cause minor damages to the car involved.

The severity of the damages sustained on the motorcyclist is amplified depending on the rider’s speed. 

5. Lane Splitting

This is when a motorcyclist rides along the lane between two cars, usually to avoid traffic. Lane splitting is an easy cause for an accident as the rider does not have enough space to maneuver their way around. Moreover, car drivers cannot anticipate the motorcycle’s passing, so they don’t usually watch out for them; this can be risky, especially around blind spots.

6. Driving while Intoxicated

The use of alcohol and other substances leads to recklessness on the road, resulting in an accident giving rise to huge losses. You are more likely to get into an accident if you drive while under the influence than when you are sober.

7. Sudden Unanticipated Stops

A motorcyclist can rear-end a car ahead of them if they are not keen to realize when the vehicle is making a stop or if the car makes a sudden stop. The result of such an accident often ends with the death of the motorcyclist, and if they are lucky to survive, they will sustain serious injuries.

Stay Safe by Observing Safety Guidelines

Stay alert when riding a motorcycle and watch out for any cars that could potentially cause any of the accidents mentioned above. Because of the challenging visibility of motorbikes to drivers–especially because of blind spots, it’s easy to be involved in a coalition.