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A Cannabis-Lover’s Guide to Applying for an ACMPR License

The Canadian government has recently made its cannabis-loving citizens happy campers. A short time ago the federal government of Canada passed laws allowing for the recreational use of cannabis throughout the entire country. But the officials high up in the government didn’t stop there. Most provincial governments are also allowing their residents to grow 4 plants at home. 

To most people, the 4-plant rule is a pretty sweet deal. But to some, more plants are needed, especially for medical cannabis users using weed as treatment for pain or anxiety. If this applies to you and you live in the Great White North, click here to learn how to grow more than 4 plants at home (legally). 

The link above will lead you to information on the ACMPR program that has been around since the early 2000s. The ACMPR allows its members to grow hundreds of plants instead of just four. These plants can then be used for personal treatment of medical conditions ranging from chronic pain to chronic anxiety. 

Receiving an ACMPR License is Easier Than You Would Think

It is fair to assume that being granted free reign to grow up to 500 plants from home would be a difficult process. Contrary to what you might think, though, the process for receiving the license isn’t all that difficult. The hardest part is finding a doctor to write you a prescription for medical marijuana, but even that doesn’t need to be difficult. 

When you partner with an ACMPR service, you’ll be walked through the entire process – including the part where you receive your prescription. Top services like Cannabis Growing Canada have teamed up with licensed healthcare professionals who strongly believe in the powers of medical marijuana

These doctors are not just willing to prescribe medical cannabis, but prescribe the patient’s requested amount. A good doctor prescribing cannabis has compassion towards a patient’s needs and understands that every patient is different (especially with their cannabis habits). For some, 7 grams per day will be plenty. But for others, a higher plant count is necessary for optimal treatment. 

After the Prescription is Received, the Hard Part is Over

Once an ACMPR applicant has received the official doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana, it is smooth sailing from here. The next step is to fill out the official application forms provided by the government. You can visit the government website for those forms. This application can also be completed before the doctor’s appointment, but it is better to do this after since some of the application requires info provided by the doctor. 

Just like before, the best way to get this done is to partner with an ACMPR licensing service. A service will clear up any questions that you might have and it can help to ensure that everything is filled out correctly. After that, you’ll simply send the application as well as the original copy of the RX through to the government (the address can be found on the forms).