Caring For Co-working – 5 Networking Benefits of Co-working

While the co-working revolution is in the midst of transforming the modern-day office, Australian businesses are seeing new benefits to this office format. In addition to being a relatively inexpensive method of leasing office space, co-working offers professionals and business, alike, the flexibility to move around easily, to expand, and to relocate, if necessary. Some of the more germane benefits relate to the many networking opportunities available while co-working.

Australia’s professionals might find the co-working space is amenable to their already gregarious business etiquette, simply because many co-working spaces offer tenants numerous opportunities to engage with each other formally and informally. In fact, networking has to be one of the central benefits of co-working spaces. Regardless of the industries, the co-working space is a comfortable place for professionals to make important connections.

Keep reading to discover some of the networking benefits of co-working in Australia and co-working can help you develop and nurture these relationships.


First and foremost, the logistics of the office encourage professionals to converse with each other. Whether working at a hot desk or a dedicated one, professionals have numerous opportunities to engage with each other. In fact, the organisation of the office is more relaxed, so while you might find professionals working, you might see also a lot of social interaction as well. Visit Servcorp Australia co-working site at to learn about the way co-working spaces work.


Business can find themselves working and conversing with other people from a wide range of businesses, and Australia is purported to be the country with one of the most diverse co-working scenes. Just in terms of the various types of businesses that comprise the co-working landscape, professionals benefit from the diverse population from which they get to network. For your business, this diversity can lend you hand in situations involving giving and getting referrals, in building collaboration and partnership opportunities, and in raising your business’s profile.


In many of Australia’s major cities, co-working seems to be becoming increasingly popular, even among industries that would not typically adopt this format, i.e. manufacturing. While your average start-up and tech business has defined co-working, other industries have adopted this office model because of the co-working spaces focus on community. This focus on community that commonly encourages networking.

More significantly, because many co-working spaces focus on helping entrepreneurs build their businesses, leasing space becomes more than about being in a physical space. Instead, it becomes about building community through networking. In trying to promote networking, many of these enclaves sponsor events that connect people from around the co-working community.

Collaboration And Partnership

One of the central benefits of networking is it always is at the foundation of collaboration and partnership. The mission of the co-working space is to encourage the entrepreneurial efforts of business through positive interaction. For this reason, many of the networking opportunities are designed so that businesses, regardless of their expertise, have a safe place where they can voice concerns, share ideas, and build relationships with other professionals. All of these activities culminate in connecting with other businesses.

Business Profile

Because the co-working space primes the pump of networking activity, you almost always raise the profile and visibility of your company. Whether collaborating with other business, doing contract work, or building partnerships, this co-working platform is the springboard for all of these networking activities. Ultimately, networking in the co-working space places your business interest smack dab in the middle of a smorgasbord of resources, resources that can be tapped at a moment’s notice.

A Nurturing Environment For Your Network

Co-working presents business with a number of advantages in addition to the cost-savings ones. Central to business growth in the Australian business landscape is being exposed to the right resources and contacts needed to get your venture moving. By giving professionals the platform from which to network, the co-working space has done most of the job in establishing visibility for your business.