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DIY Christmas Decorations

Want some ideas on how to decorate your house for Christmas? How about trying some DIY Christmas ideas? You can find ideas anywhere, in magazines, movies, and even slot games at Kitty Bingo. The site comes with Christmas slot games, for instance, Very Merry Christmas Slot or Secrets of Christmas Slot. There you can get ideas on how to decorate your house! Or even in this article, you can grab some DIY ideas!

Christmas Tree Jar

Are you limited withChristmas trees? Well, how about making one with a jar. The Christmas tree Jar is realistic, and you can place them anywhere you want. You can place lights, fake snow to make it livelier. Why not add some ornaments, glitter, or anything decorative inside the jar. It will be simply stunning!

Paper Cones

Other decorations that you can place on the table or near the window are homemade paper cone Christmas trees. Make a cone from paper, cover it with yarn, and wrap it with Christmas lights.  You can make it any size you want, and you can use it for next year. It keeps!

Cookie Jars

Turn your cookie jars into something decorative. Set little Christmas trees inside with the little snowman and fake snow. To add more creativity instead of adding fake snow, try white marshmallows to make it look like snow. You can also add Christmas lights and a red ribbon! 


Want to make way for Santa? Decorate your Chimney with branches of pine trees. Don’t forget to add in lights and white cotton as fake snow. Above the chimney, you can also add some nice candles or decorative little houses. 


You can make snowflakes out of paper, trace out one snowflake on paper, and keep cutting the paper in snowflake forms, you can also add glitter to make it look shiny. Make lots of them and hang them to form garlands.

Moss Christmas trees 

You can make Christmas trees out of moss! Pile them up to form a tree you can glue them and it becomes a Christmas tree. Decorate them any way you want. You can make them in many form and put them anywhere you want.


Do you have an old frame? Take them out as this is going to be hanging on your walls for Christmas. Decorate your frames by hanging your ornaments, you can also cover the frame with decorative ribbon or colourful yarn.

Cake Stand

Have a cake stand? Well, how about placing Christmas decorations on them. Go crazy by using mini Christmas trees, white cotton to give the illusion of snow and you can even add a bowl of sweets! Give it more value by hanging ornaments on the sides and a star on top. This is an Epic DIY.Mason Jars

Collect a bunch of Christmas Mason Jars and make it in a form of a Christmas tree. For instance, 3 jars at the button, 2 on top, and 1 on top of the 2nd row. Inside the jars place some Christmas ornaments and outside the jars wrap it with decorative lights. You can place cotton below the jars to give the impression of snow and why not add the DIY snowflakes.