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Flooring For Our Kitchen: The Top Three Options

Our kitchen in most cases is the heart of our home, and it’s the place where we usually spend the most time. For this reason, it’s décor and practicality are highly important and we need to try and get all the elements to gel together well. With this being said, a good place to start is the flooring, as it will come up against main hard ships! So what are the best flooring type for the kitchen?

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring’s popularity is at an all-time high, with nearly everyone having it in their homes and it significantly improving the selling value of your home. But why exactly is it a good choice for your kitchen? Well, the first reason is that of course it looks amazing and will give your kitchen that desirable modern but natural glow. It comes in all sorts of patterns, wood types and finishes too, there’s something to suit everyone’s interior style! In terms of practicality, it isn’t bad and is much better than its solid counterpart. It is stain, scratch and water resistant which of course is a must in the kitchen. However, we wouldn’t recommend engineered wood if you have a very busy family kitchen, where spillages are common because you’ll just spend your while time worrying about it!


Certainly another worthy contender, laminate has been a popular choice for kitchens for a long time. Scratch, stain and waterproof as well as being very easy to keep clean and maintain, laminate is a safe option for the kitchen.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Now we would say that this is by far the best choice. With so many practical benefits, it’s hard to know where to start! With this being said, LVT is pretty much faultless and we think the best choice for the kitchen. Replicating natural products seamlessly, LVT is a great option. It is also water, stain and scratch proof, as well as being anti slip and cushioned underfoot.