How To Upgrade Your Customer Service in 2021

As the popular saying goes, the customer is always right. Knowing how to deal with customers, whether they’re wrong or right, is one of the hallmarks of a good business establishment. However, dealing with people can be an exhausting test of patience requiring zen-like levels of calmness. It is therefore important for continued success to review customer services from time to time and improve accordingly. Here are some helpful tips.


Possibly the most common complaint customers have regarding customer service is an apparent lack of empathy. Many customer support agents treat calls from customers as a problem to be solved as quickly as possible and as a result make little effort to listen attentively to what the customer is saying. If a customer is made to feel like a disturbance due to the impatience of a support agent, this might have a negative impact on the company’s reputation. As most customers appreciate brands with a human side, it’s advisable to invest in training for your support agents to improve their communication skills, patience, and attentiveness.

AI Voice Responder

Due to the sheer amount of calls and complaints they have to deal with everyday, customer support agents themselves need support. As most businesses cannot afford to hire more agents, AI voice responders provide a relatively cheaper alternative. AI voice responders cut out the wait time by responding to calls automatically, helping to reduce the load by swiftly resolving less complex customer issues. Following improvements in technology, voice responders now have the added advantage of being able to engage customers just like a live agent. In addition to this, AI voice can respond to customers in various ways including by email, fax, or telephone.

Customer feedback

An easy way to upgrade customer service is to ask customers themselves how they feel about the brand and what could be done better. For example, provide multiple channels once a month for customers to register their complaints and suggestions on how to improve. It’ll boost customers trust in the brand to see the issues raised being addressed before the next month. Instances of customers bad-mouthing the business online will reduce when they know their dissatisfactions are given priority.

Reward workers

A happy and satisfied customer support agent will naturally be better at interacting with customers. For them to be maximally effective, support agents need to see that the company values and appreciates their work. Show your workers how happy you are with their work by paying them better, complimenting them in the presence of colleagues, organizing retreats, offering paid days off, and providing other perks that might serve to motivate them.

When it comes to upgrading business strategies, most brands focus their attention on sales and marketing. However, for any business to keep loyal customers and attract new ones efforts must be made to develop a strong customer service system. Customers that feel valued are more likely to keep coming back and to bring others with them.