Is a Website accessibility overlay for You?

The pressure is now on companies to make their websites fully accessible for all users. In recent years the number of lawsuits being made against companies that fail to do this, is quickly on the rise. The laws in many companies now mean that you could be breaking the law if you do not have an accessible website. As there are many disabilities out there, you may wonder where to even start in getting your website to where it should be. Fortunately, a website accessibility overlay could be just the solution you’re looking for.

What is an accessibility overlay?

An accessibility overlay is software that can be added to your site. It very cleverly searches through the code on your site, looking for any areas that disabled users may be at a disadvantage. It then automatically corrects those issues for you, and ta-da, you have an accessible website.

Is it really necessary?

Well aside from the whole legal standpoint we’ve already looked at, yes, it really is necessary. No disabled person should ever feel shut out from visiting a website that anyone else can freely view. To give a disabled person the same rights as everyone else is the right thing to do. But aside from it being necessary, there are other reasons to get your website fully accessible.

What are the benefits of a fully accessible website?

Ok, so we’ve already established that it means you will not be breaking any laws, giving you peace of mind and improving your company’s reputation. We’ve also seen how we should all want to do it so that disabled people can enjoy the same freedoms online as everyone else. But it doesn’t stop there.

By having an accessible website, the rest of your site’s visitors will also benefit. Adjustments made will make it easier for all. For example, having simpler, shorter, easier to understand paragraphs, makes your site more appealing to everybody. I know for me personally, an accessibility tool that helps me regularly, is the use of subtitles when trying to watch a video with a baby asleep in my arms. You get the idea?

There are also benefits for your company other than the ones we’ve already said. Did you know, it is estimated that there are 1.3 billion disabled people in the world? That number is staggering. But think what that could mean for your business. There is so much more potential for visitors and purchasers from your site by making it more accessible.


Getting your website fully accessible now is the right thing to do and has benefits for everybody. Use an accessibility overlay on your website and have it fully accessible in a matter of days.