Picking the Perfect Summer Dress

It’s finally here, the season you’ve been waiting for. The weather is warm, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping – it’s summer. Everything is finally as it is supposed to be. How could summer, the best season of the year, ever get any better?

With the perfect summer dress, of course!

When it comes to picking the perfect, flirty summer dress, there are dozens of factors to consider. Is the fabric light enough for the hot summer days, but thick enough to keep you warm on those breezy summer nights? Is the style versatile? Does the patter and fit suit your style? There’s so much to consider when it comes to the perfect summer dress that, admittedly, it can be a little daunting to pick the best of the best.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve laid out some of our favorite tips and tricks toward picking the best dress for the season. From floral to beachy, from light and bright to fabulous and fit, we can help you get the dress that makes the most sense for enjoying the summer season. Check out our tips below!


Let’s Talk Fabrics

When it comes to summer dresses, fabric is going to be an enormous factor. You need something light that will keep you cool, but also something that won’t show if you sweat (we like to call it shine) in the sweltering summer heat. Fabrics considerations should be thoughtful – ask yourself, does this fabric feel good against my skin? Does it wrinkle easily? Is it comfortable enough to wear often? Can I wash this? All of these questions are must-answers for your fabric choices! When sorting through fabric choices, consider JJ’s House for your dress needs! They’ll give you all the details about fabrics on every dress to help you make the right summer season dress decision.


Patterns Matter

If you can’t have fun with patterns in summer, when can you? Summer is the perfect time to throw out some fun, flirty patterns and designs. That being said, you’ll want to pick a pattern that you absolutely love. Bold patterns are great, but this is a dress you want to last all summer season – don’t pick something that you won’t want to debut over and over and over. Subtle patterns will often work better for seasonal favorites. For some of our favorite pattern choices, check out VeryVoga, a site with bright, bold, and subtle patterns you’ll love for your summer season!


Other Things to Think About

Of course, there are other considerations to filter through when considering your perfect summer dress. How is the fit? What about the sleeves and the neckline – are they comfy enough for you to wear your dress over and over? We also think it’s always important to consider the price. Valuing good pieces that can (sometimes) cost a bit more may end up being more bang for your buck – oftentimes, more expensive pieces will hold their value better. It’s also important to consider the color – sure, it’s summer time, but it never hurts to find a dress you can wear across the seasons. A great example? Maroon! Summer florals and yellows are wonderful picks, but they can be much harder to transition into your seasonal wardrobes.