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Taking Advantage Of Real Estate In A Recession

When you are trying to prepare for a recession or any downturn in the economy, you must make sure that you are taking advantage of real estate as much as possible. You may be in the market for your first home, or you may want to use the equity from your current properties to expand your net worth. Use the tips below to ensure that you are taking advantage of real estate in the right way. Real estate can be a safe haven for anyone who wants to get into the real estate market. You can compare much of what you see to what happened in 2008, and you can use that information to improve your financial situation today.

Convert To Rentals

Any recession or downturn in the economy often sees homeowners and businesses getting out of expensive properties. These people owned the properties where they lived or worked, but they needed to divest themselves because they could not afford the properties. You can afford to rent to these people, and they will accept a rental because it is much more flexible than trying to buy again.

You may own properties that you were trying to sell because you flip everything you buy. You should rent these properties while you still can. You can make money, and you can even use these rental properties as your retirement plan. You can sell them when you are ready, but you will make money in the interim.

If you convert your warehouses or offices to rentals, you should offer favorable rates that will attract renters. These people will be excited to find a good landlord, and they will stay with you until they are in a good financial position to buy. Because the economy will not recover overnight, you will be able to keep these tenants for some time.

Search For Quality Tenants

If you already own rental units, you need to be very selective about your tenants. Ensure that your tenants are in a good financial place and have a good record of paying their debts in the past. You could have these tenants in your buildings for many years to come, and they will be grateful that they have a nice landlord. At the same time, you are making money because the tenants always pay their rent on time, need to stay in your buildings for quite a long time, and will give you proper notice when they want to move.

If you converted these properties into rentals, they can simply be sold when the recession is over. If the value of the building has jumped considerably, you might want to sell so that you can retire. You could even pass these buildings on to your kids because you have paid down the mortgages or even paid them off. You have put your family in a good financial position, and you have not done anything more than hold onto rental properties that were generating income.

Leverage Your Equity To Refinance

If you own a few properties, you may want to leverage your equity to refinance. You can find a lender that is willing to let you turn your equity into a better loan, and you can drop your payments at the same time. This is a great way for you to save money, and you can pay down the loans faster.

For example, you may own rental properties that you refinanced. You lowered your payments but the rent stayed the same. You will pay off these loans much faster, and you will have more equity in the buildings that will allow you to refinance again if you want. This is an excellent way for you to manage your payments on the property, and you can continue to refinance as your equity gets higher. You can even sell the property for a profit if you would like to invest elsewhere.

Leverage Your Equity To Buy Rentals

If you have equity in a few properties, you should use that equity to get a loan for new rentals. As mentioned above, you can use rentals to help people find a place to live. At the same time, you will watch the value of each property rise over time. This makes your investment much stronger, and you can continue to buy rentals while prices around you drop.

You can buy in areas where prices are very low, and you will ensure that you are making money because you bought into these properties at record low prices. You can watch the values on the property rise, and you will get your money back very quickly. This is an excellent way to make money in the future because you can pay off the building quickly, turn the building into pure profit, and sell the building when you are ready. As before, you have turned these buildings into a retirement plan that will protect you and your family. The buildings can be turned into liquid assets if necessary.

Leverage Your Equity To Buy In Low-Value Areas

You might want to leverage your equity to move into areas where property values are very low. You can expand quickly into places like Ohio, Oklahoma, or Arizona real estate markets where the property values dropped steeply in 2008. The very same thing could happen again, and you want to own property in places where people go to get the lowest prices possible.

Recessions also tend to drive people to areas with more space. If you were living in New York or Los Angeles, you likely cannot afford to stay there during a recession. You might, however, find a good place to live in a large state like Kansas or Alabama. There are jobs in these locations, and the property is much cheaper. You will have your selection of tenants who are moving into the area, and you can wait for the properties to regain their value.

You may also want to choose a city that has plans to revitalize. These cities tend to help property values rise quickly, and you can profit from a steep change in property value.


When you are preparing for the recession, you should take advantage of real estate as much as possible. You can use these tips to convert your real estate into something that makes money, or you can buy into cheap properties that will rise in value once the recession is over. You are positioning your family to make quite a lot of money five years from now, and these buildings could even be used as your retirement plan when you no longer want to work.