The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a cosmopolitan metropolis that attracts over 32 million visitors each year, more than 8 times its population. The sydneysiders (how Sydney residents are called) come from all over the world, providing a wide variety of food and unique architecture and history. You’ll find below the best tourist destinations you can’t miss while you are staying at the Emerald City.

Visit the Paddy’s Markets

Built over a century and a half ago, the Paddy’s is the biggest market in the city, with more than a thousand shopping stalls where you can find souvenirs, tasty food and other intricate and fun items not sold elsewhere. It is really close to Sydney’s Chinatown, which is definitely worth a visit as well.

Attend to an event at the Opera House

Perhaps the most famous attraction in Australia, the Sydney Opera House is an UNESCO World Heritage site that has stunning architecture created in the 1970s. There are many events happening every day inside and in the surrounding area. Also, you can also enjoy a classy meal inside its premises.

Watch a game at the SCG

Erected in 1848, the Sydney Cricket Ground is, despite the name, a sports stadium for cricket, rugby, Australian football and soccer. Most games happen on the weekends, and with over 48,000 seats available, you can almost certainly get a ticket for a game or a concert.

Walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens

Established in the early 18th century, the Royal Botanic Gardens are the oldest of its kind in Australia, as well as the first scientific institution in the country. There are different self-guided and guided tours at the gardens, and you can learn many interesting things about botanic science history in Australia. It is only a few minutes’ walk from the Opera House and the central district.

Keep in mind that smoking is not allowed at the park. In fact, Australia has some of the strictest cigarette regulations in the world and buying a pack can be really expensive in the land down under. You can always opt for a smokeless alternative like a nicotine pouch. It allows you to absorb nicotine inside your mouth without damaging your teeth or infringing any local laws. This is perfect whenever you are in an airplane or driving make sure you get Australian international driver’s license.

Visit the Darling Harbour

Named after the Governor of New South Wales in the early 18th century, the Darling Harbour is a popular recreational precinct located near the central district. There are many different attractions in the Harbour, like the Carousel, the National Maritime Museum, the Chinese Garden of Friendship and the Dockside Pavilion. If you are visiting it at night, there are many bars and restaurants that are worth paying a visit. For families, you should visit the Madam Tussauds, the aquarium and the many shopping facilities in the surroundings. This is one of the places you can literally spend an entire day exploring it and won’t probably be able to see everything at once.