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Things You Need To Know About Dating When You Travel

Traveling the world is a wonderful thing, and there’s nothing better than meeting a new friend. A foreign romance can be quite the fantasy. However, there is a lot of reality that must be looked at when you date overseas. Here are some things to watch out for.

Use your head not your heart

Do not get lost in the romance of the situation. Reality can come crashing down all too easily. If your instinct feels that something is off, then it very likely is. Although cultures are very different, people are often very similar. As much as we hate to say it, people lie. Whether it’s back home and local, or internationally, the truth needs to be checked. Just like back home somebody can be married and is just having an affair online. So do your research. If they don’t want to give you their phone number, or their Facebook, and have all sorts of reasons why you can’t contact them, think about it, it’s a red flag.

Is it love?

Honestly, we do not believe that you can fall in love with anyone fully until you spend enough time with them. You may find that you love them as they are online, but that is also a fantasy. Online does not give you enough information as to who they really are. You need to spend actual time with them. If you love them online then there is potential for you to love them in reality, but it is not a guarantee.

Lost in Translation

If you are together with somebody from another culture, there are always going to be issues. Things that you have both grown up assuming may not be true for both of you. As long as you both keep an open mind, and keep trying to understand each other, this is not a bad thing. However, if neither of you is willing to compromise, it’s not going to last.

Ultimate long distance relationship

Having an LDR give with somebody a few hours away is one thing, having a relationship with somebody that’s in another country is a whole new level. You cannot just jump into the car and go visit them. There is usually a lot of logistics and expense. Taking time off work for both of you, affording an airfare, where are you going to stay, and many others. It is not saying that it won’t work; it is just going to be much more difficult.

Too good to be true

Especially online, be wary of things that are too good to be true. There is a whole army of people that take advantage of others online. There are even people that play the long game, and never even ask you for money for over a year. But in some countries the money they ask you for is almost a year’s wages for them, while to you it might only be a months. Always make sure you use a webcam in the beginning. More importantly, use your head. Step back and pretend it’s your friend doing it and what advice would you give them.

Dating when you travel

If you meet somebody when you travel as opposed to online, it can be the start of a wonderful relationship as well. Just remember there is a time limit on it. You are going to be leaving at some point soon. Also remember that people might have relationships already, and are just enjoying a fling with you because they know you have to leave. Don’t invest too heavily emotionally in the beginning. Also remember dating customs are completely different in every country, so don’t assume anything.

Dating when you travel is great. You can have a romance that lasts you a lifetime, or the memory of one time week. A romantic week with somebody you met overseas can make you smile for the rest of your life. Whether it is permanent or temporary, dating and traveling is life-altering. Just use common sense and be careful.  Make sure people know where you are and who you are with, whether it is friends or the hotel. If you are female we should not have to tell you this. If you are male you have a little bit more leeway but you can be a victim just as much. So just be careful, use your brain, and make lasting memories.