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Top 5 Swimming Pool Heating Ideas

Ensuring that you have a swimming pool with efficient heating means that you will be able to enjoy it long after the sun has set and on cooler days. There are a number of options to look at when designing your pool, in order to keep the temperature of the water to a level which is enjoyable in all weathers. This is exactly what we will be looking into today, so that you can take a swim in your pool no matter what the temperature may be outside.

High Quality Heat Pump

Regardless of how your pool is designed, it is essential that you have sought out a high quality heat pump to maintain the water at an optimal temperature. The best swimming pool heat pumps are those which are designed for the volume of water which you have, those which can be retrofitted to the existing pipe and valve installations and those which are energy efficient. One of the most common methods of powering heat pumps are solar panels, which will certainly deliver energy efficiency.

Location of the Pool

Utilizing the sun to heat the pool water makes perfect sense and this is why you should be carefully thinking about the location where it is going to be built. In an ideal world your pool will be shielded from wind and exposed to sunshine for as many hours as possible. Utilizing nature will help to ensure that the water is warm and that you are saving money on heating costs.

Correctly Choosing Colors

When choosing the color for the tiles of your pool, make sure that you consider more than just the aesthetics. Darker colors warm up much more quickly and given how they absorb the heat they can prove to be very important in keeping your swimming pool nice and warm.

Using Solar Collectors

Solar collectors are small domes which have coils of piping rolled up inside them. When using multiple domes you can utilize the sunshine throughout the day, which converts to energy that will then heat up the water in the pool. This pool heating system is generally best used for smaller pools, given the limitations they have in heating large volumes of water. At a cost of just $150 per dome, this is well priced way to warm up your swimming pool.

High Quality Insulation

In terms of raising the temperatures in the pool we have to not only look at the amount of heat we are creating, but also the amount which we are potentially losing. This is why all swimming pools should be built using high quality layers of insulation. Using rigid panel insulation both underneath and around the walls of the pool will help to retain the heat in the water for longer. In hot climates the heat from the day’s sun can be retained long into the night to make sure that you can enjoy a swim no matter what the time may be.

Focusing on how to heat your pool will make swimming a much more pleasurable experience on cooler days and dark nights.