Top Vaping Trends For Vapers

When vape products first hit the market they were considered to be a clear alternative to smoking cigarettes, and found many customers who were happy to ditch the cigars and buy those vaping products instead. Over the years however consumer habits regarding vaping have very much changed, and there is a wide variety of people who enjoy vaping, from ex-smokers to those who have never had a cigarette. As customer habits have changed, so too have vaping trends and here we will look into what the current trends are. From fruity disposable vapes to vape crystals, these are the hottest trends in this industry right now. 

Fruity Moments 

Many of the early vape products contained a certain amount of nicotine, hence the reason it was pitched towards smokers looking to quit. What we see now however is a huge array of products which contain zero nicotine, and which instead are aimed at giving customers a flavorful burst when they vape. You only need to look at festivals and concerts to see the volume of people who use these disposable products, to get a hit of flavor as and when they choose. 

Diversity of Flavors

There is no doubt that one of the hottest trends in the industry right now is crazy flavors, and manufacturers are working hard on bringing some truly zany flavor profiles to life. From banoffee to butter-flavored vape juice, and even the likes of garlic and roast chicken, no flavor is off limits with these companies. There does in fact seem to be a real competition between producers, to create the greatest tasting products with the oddest flavors. 

Condensed Sizes

The vape industry is saying goodbye to oversized vape machines and cartomizers, and instead creating smaller and more compact vape devices. These offer maximum convenience to the customer and the devices still pack a punch when it comes to flavor. The concern used to be that the smaller the product, the quicker it would empty, but developments in the production of vape oil have meant that smaller doesn’t mean lower quality or less bang for your buck. 

Hooking it Up 

Pretty much every type of device can be connected to our smartphones these days, and vaping products are jumping on that bandwagon too. Why would you need vape products connected to your devices? This is so that you can manage the status of your vape product such as charge level and volume of oil left. This may not be a critical development in the industry, but it is one which people have already started to use and enjoy. 

Salts and Crystals 

To those who use products which contain nicotine, the use of nicotine salts and crystals are swiftly becoming the preferred option. Nicotine is broken down using acids which leave the salt or crystallized texture. When vaped, these compounds offer a much smoother delivery on the throat and the mouth, with fuller flavors and less harshness. It won’t be long before salts and crystals are the number one choice for those who vape. 

These are the hottest trends which we are already seeing this year, and which look set to continue into 2023 as well.