Tracking down the best horse racing tips

Horse raceThe internet is full of information surrounding betting on horse racing but knowing how to use it successfully can be another thing entirely. Thousands of punters bet on horse racing every year, and it’s easily the most successful at home in the UK, so it makes sense for the less knowledgeable fan to get more clued up.

Being able to find a horse racing tip online has almost become second nature as the internet has developed, leaving a practically endless list of outlets with their own take on the perfect bet. While many manage to pull their own horse tips out of thin air, sites like The Winners Enclosure provide specially created horse racing tips, backed up by insight, research and a thorough knowledge of the sport and its history.

What makes for a good horse tip?

Far too many tipsters, or at least the ones just starting out, rely heavily on bookmaker odds. The bookies assemble the odds based on the likelihood of the bet landing, but they don’t always get their predictions 100% correct, so it’s best to do your own research before staking money. Past form will give an indication of the horse you’re getting behind, as well as how capable it is of winning in the race you’re backing it in. Some horses aren’t quite so good at racing for long periods or making jumps, so this can be make or break in your bet.

After checking out all of the information on the horse and the race it’s running in, bouncing your chosen horse tip with websites like The Winners Enclosure will show whether it’s something a lot of the more knowledgeable tipsters agree with. If they haven’t mentioned it in their day’s horse racing tips, don’t dismiss your bet as being poor in comparison, but consider why they might favour another horse in the same race.

How can I improve my bet?

If you’ve covered all angles with the facts and figures behind your chosen horse, you’ll definitely be wanting to come away with the best possible odds on the market. There’s a massively long list of bookmakers available throughout the UK, so it’s worth looking at the price available on as many as possible for your chosen horse, as there will always be one with the strongest odds on offer.

Something else you will work out from looking around all of the key betting websites is any enhancements they might currently have. If there’s one for betting on the horse you wanted to bet on anyway, it could be perfect to securing a stronger price. These offers come and go at indeterminate times, so make sure you check as early as possible.