What to Look for in a Louisville Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing a personal injury lawyer after an accident poses challenges for most people. Most of us aren’t familiar with lawyers, since it’s not every day we experience personal injuries. Each lawyer has his own style and personality. For the best outcome at the end of your case, it is important that you find a lawyer who matches your needs and style. 

Good Reputation 

Other people have an opinion. Learn their opinion of various lawyers in the area via online review websites. Online reviews give first-hand accounts of experiences with the lawyer. You won’t find this information anywhere else. Know someone who’s recently filed a lawsuit? Ask them for recommendations for a great lawyer. A lawyer who is well-liked in the community has a reputation with good reason. Find information using legitimate attorney ratings and review websites. 

Proven Success 

Review the lawyer’s track record as you research prospective firms. Has the firm successfully tried most of their cases? How much money do they collect, on average, for clients? Your case results differ from what you’ll find, but indicate the firm has a successful track record. Never settle for a Louisville personal injury attorney without a proven track record of success! 

Free Consultations 

Once you narrow down the attorney pool to a few of the best choices, it’s time to schedule consultations. Most personal injury firms offer consults free of charge. The attorney should also work on a contingency basis. The consultation is the time to ask questions and get legal advice regarding the case. You also learn more about the attorney and his or her personality during the consult. Find a lawyer with legal expertise and knowledge, as well as one who matches your personality. 


Every personal injury lawyer has his or her own pricing methods. Never expect the same prices from different lawyers, even for the exact same case. Most lawyers work on a contingency basis, giving clients the opportunity to file a lawsuit without the need for any upfront money. Even still, overpaying for an attorney is the last experience you want. Compare pricing among the different lawyers you’re considering. A good personal injury lawyer maintains competitive pricing for his clients. 

Personal Injury Specialization 

Choose a personal injury lawyer with plenty of personal injury legal experience. While any lawyer has the skills to handle your legal matter, those who specialize in an area of law bring added expertise to the case. Additionally, choose a lawyer with proven experience in your type of injury. For example, don’t hire a lawyer who specializes in dog bites if you’re involved in a car accident. 


Experienced lawyers are comfortable in the courtroom. They’re comfortable challenging other lawyers and the insurance company. They know how to win cases and what works and what doesn’t. The more experience a lawyer brings to the case, the better. Finding a lawyer with plenty of experience is simple. As recommended, do your research before choosing an attorney. The time and effort put into finding a personal injury lawyer is worth the end result when you win the case. 

Empathy and Compassion 

People need personal injury lawyers after enduring a painful, scary accident. They face new challenges in their daily lives. Accident victims worry about their injuries, medical care, going back to work, and their families. They trust that their lawyer understands the new challenges they face. They expect their attorney to show them compassion and empathetic representation at this time. Clients do not want their attorney to feel sorry for them, but instead, understand and relate. Never settle for an attorney who treats you like nothing more than another case. Empathy and compassion are two qualities every personal injury lawyer needs. 

We never expect to need a personal injury lawyer, but in the event that an accident occurs, we need the best possible legal representation. Find a great personal injury attorney using the above information. A bit of research reveals the personal injury attorney right for your needs. With the right personal injury lawyer handling your case, the best outcome is in your future.