10 Things Why People Love Sport

Sports are one of the world’s most popular past times and are loved around the world. No matter where you go in the world you will find sports fanatics who spend their time learning about a particular sport, following it, betting on it and of course participating in it. You will also find people who love those who are professionals and who have dedicated their lives to become the best possible at a particular sport.

Whether you are playing tennis as a profession, or if you are a weekend warrior who loves a pick-up basketball game, or if you like to bet on football, you are part of a worldwide phenomenon that has lasted as long as there has been a society.

The reasons so many people love sports are numerous and here are some of the most popular reasons why the love of sports will not ever stop.

We love sports because while they can be defined by rules and regulations, they allow us to be free in a way that could never be described.

1. Because We can Feel Special When We Participate

One great thing that sports does is that they allow us to take part in something special and get away from our mundane lives. When we participate, we feel special and like we are doing something special. It does not matter the level of the sport we can play. it all feels good for each of us who participates, and  we love the feeling.

2. Sport Allows us to Emulate our Heroes

You can find little children and adults emulating their favorite sports stars. They picture themselves as the sports hero scoring the impossible goal or winning the match no one thought they could.

3. Sports Brings People Together

Sports is probably the activity that brings more different types of people together better than any other. It does not matter the age, race, socioeconomic status, or religion sports is a binding force for everyone.   Today sports is even breaking down stereotypical gender roles.

4. Sport Teaches Us Important Things

Sports teach camaraderie, teamwork, getting along. Perseverance, dealing with defeat, and being a good winner.

5. Sports are a Great Escape

We love sports because they allow us to escape the norm and feel as extraordinary as our favorite athletes. We love sports because we love having fun—whether we have athletic ability or not. We love little leagues, church leagues, and beer leagues. We love to watch sports on TV, listen to them on the radio, and sweat in the sun to watch from the stadium.

6. Sports Make Us Feel Good

It is medically proven that playing and even watching sports can release endorphins which are the substances in the brain that make use feel happy.

7. Sports Teaches us Discipline

Sports typically involve us learning how to do things we do not love because they give us a good outcome and how to do those things consistently.

8. Sports Helps us to Become More Outgoing

Many people who participate in sports and are the best layers started out as shy and introverted. Sports forces you onto the stage and helps you to bring out your personality.

9. Sports are Fun

Most people enjoy sports so much because they are fun. You can have a great time around other fun people and you might actually win occasionally too.

10. Sports are Great Exercise

The health attributes from playing sports is well documents. And those who watch sports are more included to participate as well. So sports gets you in great shape physically.

When you combine all of the reasons to love sports it is no wonder that it is so popular.