Top Five Vape-Friendly Cities In The United States

This past decade has introduced one of the most enduring lifestyle-changing phenomena in America- vaping. From early concerns over its future, vaping has phenomenally seen off speculations as it has become a popular choice amongst smokers. As a result, it is accessible in major states in the United States, although not all cities in America welcomes vaping with open arms. Countless ordinance and legislation have been passed in a bid to outrightly ban public vaping. However, some cities encourage its practice. Here are the top five most vape friendly cities in the United States.

Denver, Colorado

Although any form of smoking on government property is banned, Denver in Colorado State doesn’t have any legislation against vaping. It is up to business owners to permit vaping within their establishments. Denver, as a result, boasts a vast variety of restaurants, nightclubs, and other private businesses targeted towards the vaping community. While in Denver, vapers would appreciate the likes of the Meadowlark Night Club, Buddha lounge, or the Gold Creek Casinos to hook up with the vape community. Denver boasts over 180 vape stores and shops filled with the latest e-liquid blends in the market. Denver is a major market for vaping technology manufacturers; this suggests that vapers visiting Denver will come face to face with a number of the most sophisticated vaping paraphernalia. This reason and more enhances the status of Denver as the capital of the American Vaping Universe.

Seattle Washington

Seattle is not a newcomer regarding combining mainstream lifestyles with alternative cultures. Seattle has over 200 vape stores that supply the vaping community in the city. The number of nightclubs and bars open to the vaping community is quite remarkable, as visitors will not struggle with finding where to vape.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is one of the places a vaper should visit. There are no laws against vaping publicly. Virginia Beach offers a vast number of restaurants, casinos, and clubs that are vape-friendly. This is astonishing and remarkable as it’s population is not greater than 600,000. Some of the landmark vape-friendly places are the Seaside Raw Bar, Buckethead restaurant, the young Veterans Brewery Company, and Pablo’s inn. Virginia Beach also boasts a vape-friendly concert Arena.

Tampa, Florida

Located right on the bank of the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa has no legislation or policies against public vaping. It is an ideal vacation destination for vape lovers, as it’s several beaches, nightclubs and restaurants are vape-friendly.

Tampa is so vape-friendly, even it’s airports parks, and airports welcome vapers with open arms. Public vaping is permitted at the international shopping center and West shore shopping center. As the home of the nation’s biggest vaping convention, the vaping convention circuit (VCC), which draws thousands of vapers and activists every year, nobody should be surprised Tampa made the list.

Las Vegas, Nevada

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the city of sin is a member of this list. Las Vegas has an unprecedented reputation of permitting everything, including public vaping. In Las Vegas, you can practically vape anywhere, including hotel rooms. The city is home to over 50 vape shops and a popular vape summit held annually at the city’s convention center. Las Vegas, like Tampa, has a vape-friendly International airport. With many vape-friendly restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos, the vaping community should be very much welcomed in Las Vegas, the city of sins.