3 Simple Rules Of Buying A New MacBook

When your Mac comes down with a fatal case of BSOD, you know its days are numbered. Only time will tell when the Blue (or Black) Screen of Death will send your Mac into its final slumber. You need to be prepared for when that day comes — whenever it happens. If you think BSOD could take your Mac from you soon, these simple rules can help you find the right replacement to honor its memory.

  1. Consider value over price

For most people, after considering specs and other important details, they focus on the price. It’s hard not to when you’re shopping on a budget. Your bottom line is a figure you can afford, and your new MacBook needs to fit it.

But consider for a moment not doing that. Be a rebel and break the rules by thinking of your new MacBook in terms of how often you’ll use it. Divvy up the cost over the total number of hours you’ll spend typing away at its keyboard — remembering that the average MacBook has a lifespan of 5 years of frequent use. When you think of your tech in these terms, you’ll see an expensive upfront cost is actually an affordable long-term investment. You can afford to splurge on the tech you’ll use the most, as long as you temper this shopping style by saving on the devices you won’t use as often.

  1. Think about refurbished

It used to be that second-hand tech comes with a stigma of glitchy performance and handicapped processing powers. There are certainly still some outlying companies that barely repair their “refurbished” devices before shipping it to the next user, but for the most part, legitimate manufacturers put their refurbished items through rigorous screening to ensure the end product is a perfectly serviceable laptop.

Apple has thrown its weight into the ring with its Certified Refurbished program. Any Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch with this accreditation comes with the Apple guarantee that this device meets the company’s highest standards in terms of performance. This guarantee comes backed by a one-year warranty to prove they’re serious.

Though its software is proven to be on its top-form, its outer package may show signs of previous use. Minor scuffs and scrapes are normal for refurbished items, but they’re easy to cover up if they bother you. A MacBook skin covers these cosmetic damages without adding bulk because companies like dbrand use authentic 3M vinyl in all their designs. The 3M material is thin, durable, and it doesn’t come with messy adhesives that could ruin the sleek lines of a Mac. Best of all, when you give your MacBook a cosmetic upgrade with a MacBook skin, you can attach creative textures like black matrix, red dragon, and bamboo to an otherwise minimalist device.

  1. Use coupon codes

The world of couponing has changed a lot since the days of your grandmother, who sat at her kitchen table cutting out vouchers from the daily newspaper. Like everything else in the world, it’s gone digital. While some people still clip coupons the old-fashioned way, the majority of deal-hungry and time-strapped shoppers open a new browser or shopping app to find a discount.

You can find significant savings by typing into a Google search:

  • The MacBook model you want
  • The retailer you plan on buying it from
  • Some variation of the phrase “coupon code” in the search bar

In less time than it takes for you to blink, Google will come up with millions of potential promotions. Though it will take considerably longer to find an eligible code that still works, it’s worth the effort when you manage to earn some kind of discount on your Mac. Even something as low as 5 or 10 percent can make a huge difference to your final total when a MacBook Pro runs for more than $2,000.

Through the early days of Megaupload streaming limits to the seemingly endless list of series on Netflix, your old Mac was your partner in binge-watching crime. It probably also helped send off its fair share of emails and work-related attachments. It’s hard saying goodbye to a Mac that’s been with you through thick and thin. Unfortunately, nothing in life lasts forever — not even your relationship with your Mac. Be prepared for the inevitable to protect yourself from the loss. When the final days are in sight, you can easily replace this trusty laptop with a new one by following these rules.