6 Surefire Ways to Boost your eCommerce Logistics

Technology has, without a doubt, changed how things operate in today’s business world. eCommerce has also received its shares as technology changes the transactions between the consumer and the business. Therefore, we can say that technology is the main fuel behind eCommerce since all its operations happen online.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have known some of the useful tips you can apply in your business to maintain and improve your eCommerce logistics and fulfillment.


• You should never run out of stock

There are a lot of brands out there selling the same products as you. And the moment a customer is turned back because the product they want is not in-store, they’ll run to your next-door competitor, never to look back again. That is why your main focus should always be on satisfying your customers’ needs, which can only happen when they get whatever product they want at any time.

As an eCommerce store owner, you need to invent a plan to keep checking your stock at specific time intervals and make necessary arrangements to restock before it all gets finished. This way, you’ll avoid such unfortunate situations.

• Improve on your packaging

This is one factor most business owners overlook, yet it costs them a lot. What picture are you painting out there? It sounds petty, yes, but what attracts people first is the physical appearance. This is what they’ll see even before getting to the quality and quantity of the product itself.

One thing businesses look forward to is seeing their customers happy and satisfied. And so, to have a huge impact on your customer, you must use an attractive pallet to cover your products when delivering. The package should completely cover the product such that no one can tell what is inside by just looking. This will portray a perfect image of your brand; it shows how organized and professional you are as a brand. Also, if your products are sensitive to temperature, you should invest in insulated pallet box to keep your shipment in their best forms.

• Stick to your delivery dates

Imagine if you had to attend to something really important, but you canceled it because your goods are set to arrive on the same day. You spend the whole day waiting, but you don’t see them. Instead, you receive a last-minute apology explaining why they couldn’t deliver and asking you to set another date. How would you rate that store or brand? Bad, of course.

Delivery dates are something one shouldn’t joke with. As a brand, you need to maintain your image, and one of the surest ways to do so is by meeting deadlines without any excuse. Also, ensure all the deliveries are on time since happy customers equal good reviews on your website, which automatically earns you more customers.

• Introduce same day delivery

Still on delivery, introducing a same-day delivery plan to fulfill your customers’ needs will put you on their good record books. According to this study, most consumers are willing to shop online and, most importantly, from your store if you can guarantee them same-day delivery. Please note that same-day delivery is very different from fast delivery, which most eCommerce stores offer. That difference is what is going to earn you more consumers.

But to achieve this same-day delivery plan, your supply chain management must be efficient enough to handle the pressure that comes with it. The supply chain management must devise an efficient software that will give you an optimal delivery path.

• Consider reverse logistics

Most people don’t shop online for fear of not getting what they wanted or getting what doesn’t fulfill their needs. It’s painful spending so much money on a dress or shoe that doesn’t fit, and even more painful knowing that your hard-earned money is gone just like that because you can’t take the shoe or dress back.

In this case, reverse logistics could work. Thrive to be unique and introduce a return or exchange system to your eCommerce website. This marketing strategy will enhance the trust between consumers and your business and will earn you huge sales.

• Think about the future now

As it stands now, most companies are operating both online and land-based. This only shows how competitive the future of logistics will be. If you don’t invest in your future today, you may not stand the stiff competition in the future. This is the time to look for ways to make your business unique and move with the dynamic changes.


Now that you have all these useful tips that will indeed boost your eCommerce logistics, it’s time to put them into action. Remember, time waits for no man. Ensure your customers get the best experience with your brand. An experience that would make them come back and tag other customers along.