7 Careers in Writing You Have Never Thought Of

Most people imagine all writers to be journalists, bloggers, or novelists, but there are dozens of careers in writing that are often overlooked. There are careers in writing and editing available in almost all industries, including research, advertising, politics, and education. Aspiring writers can also find many writing and editing jobs online, which is appealing to people who want to work from home.

All writers need to fulfill certain qualifications. They need to have strong grammar skills, the ability to conduct research, and a passion for creating written content. Those who wonder how to start a career in writing usually believe that a journalism or English degree is necessary. Not all writers have a degree or years of training, but all writers should be eager to learn about new topics or fields. Many need to be creative and innovative in their writing projects while others need to keep their work short and concise. However, the specific qualifications required for a writer depend on the type of writing project. Here are seven different writing careers that you can pursue:

Speech Writer

It’s rare for politicians, CEOs, celebrities, or other important figures to write their speeches completely on their own. They almost always consult with professional speech writers, and the writers use their skills to create speeches that express the speaker’s thoughts and ideas as effectively as possible. Speech writers have to have a great understanding of the speaker, the audience, and the best techniques to use to please the audience.

Technical Writer

Have you wondered how to make fast money in a writing career? It’s not about writing with perfect grammar, it’s about the topics that you can write about. If you have technical and in-depth knowledge in areas that most people don’t. You can earn more money writing on a specific topic. While technical writers don’t have the most exciting careers, they are very important. These writers need to be skilled at explaining complicated processes in as simple and as few words as possible.


Practically any piece of published writing has been looked at by at least one proofreader. After spending hours, weeks, or months on a piece of writing, self-editing can be tiring and ineffective at times. Proofreaders need a solid understanding of grammar and spelling as well as great attention to detail. They need to be able to catch the tiniest mistakes in a piece of writing before it’s published, even mistakes that are overlooked by other professional writers.

Résumé Writer

Some skilled business writers find jobs as résumé and cover letter writers. A well-written résumé and cover letter can be the difference between being hired and being passed over, so many people are willing to hire someone for the task. Résumé writers need to understand exactly what employers are looking for in a new employee, and they need to concisely show their client’s abilities.

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Video Game Writer

It’s common knowledge that movies and TV shows involve a team of scriptwriters, but most people don’t realize that video games require talented writers as well. Writing for video games is a great career for creative writers as it usually requires creating a narrative, developing characters, and writing dialogue.


Ghostwriters create content that someone else attaches their own name to. Although the ghostwriter is the true author of the piece, their client receives all the credit. Writers who aren’t interested in gaining notoriety for their work often pursue careers as ghostwriters. The job usually pays well because the writers need to be extremely skilled and able to stay quiet about their work.

Thesis Editor

A thesis or dissertation is one of the most important parts of a graduate student’s education. Therefore, many students pay for thesis editing services to ensure that their thesis is clear, well written, and free of spelling and grammar issues. Thesis editors looking for online editing jobs need to have a keen eye for detail and impeccable spelling and grammar.