Everything Changes: How to Keep up With Changes in the Law

Change is the only constant. While laws are made to govern for a long time, they are not cast in stone. Legislators are ever so quick to make changes in the law to meet their constituents’ needs.

Failure to keep in touch with the changes could mean you’ll miss key regulations that will affect your business.

How do you keep up? Where do you go to find the law updates to keep abreast?

Well, read on for more insight into how to stay on top of all the changes in the law affecting your industry.

Shepard’s Alert®

Technology is vital in keeping track of legal news and what legislators are changing. You can quickly get Sweet Law legal news and changes by merely setting up Shepherd’s alert for an email directly to your mailbox. The alerts let you know when;

  • When the pending legislation is enacted and made law
  • When the enacted legal changes are codified into the statutes

You can receive all legal updates by creating an online form for Shepard’s Alert.

Full-Text Bills

In addition to Shepherd’s alert above, you can keep track of legislation changes or when a state is about to make amendments to its statutes. Recent bills are available online on the full-text.

Simply get a copy of the legislation and the corresponding public law or bill number, click on the bill tracking report, and your answer on the status awaits you.

All states have individual files for full-text bills. Some states like California, known as ‘carryover’ states, use the function on two-year legislative sessions. Combine Full-Text Bills with Shepherd’s alert for notification of all legal changes.


Legal news updates, bills, and resolutions are easily accessible in library systems and college libraries because of the Federal Depository Library Program participation.

At least 1,100 libraries take part in the FDLP hence keep an extensive library of government documents.

Congressional Record

Congressional Record is another excellent resource, especially when Senate bills are printed and introduced in the house. The introduction from the senator makes it easier for you to understand the bill’s provisions.

Social Media

For many, social media remains a great source of information. Facebook and Twitter are great examples of the same. However, make sure verified accounts are the source lest you’re caught in fake news on legal updates.

It Is Your Right to Know Changes in the Law

Changes in the law significantly affect your life, maybe not directly, but a simple rule may have you wearing a mask outside full-time. It’s essential to keep abreast of any changes to ensure you are on the right side of the law.

Besides, knowing and understanding your state laws keeps you away from unnecessary confrontations with the law enforcement officers, especially the police.

Get information on all changes at the click of a button, or is it the click of your mouse?

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