How to Adapt in the Age of Online Schooling

Did you know that 75% of college graduates say that online classes don’t measure up to in-person ones? Chances are, you feel the same way too.

But unfortunately, the current pandemic has made it necessary for schooling to be moved online, at least partially, or even fully. So how can you make the most of things so you can continue your schooling as efficiently as possible?

Here’s how you can adapt in the age of online schooling.

Put Together an Ergonomic Workspace

Before the pandemic, you probably already had a workspace where you’d do your homework and any work you might bring home from the office. But now, with online classes and work from home being so prevalent, you’re probably spending more time than ever in your workspace.

Because of this, it’s vital that you put together a workspace that’s not only functional, but also ergonomic. Otherwise, both your productivity and your health might suffer.

Naturally, you’ll want to get high-speed internet from a reliable provider. Make sure your desk is spacious and that you have other things to help keep you organized, such as binders, shelves, and paper trays.

Also, you’ll want to purchase an ergonomic office chair. If you’re not sitting right for hours at a time, this can lead to pain in your neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, and even your legs.

Your typing setup should be ergonomic as well. Carefully consider your mouse and keyboard, and also purchase wrist rests so you lessen the strain on your hands.

If you don’t live on your own and/or it tends to be noisy around where you live, it might be worth investing in a decent set of noise-canceling headphones too.

Set Boundaries With Members of Your Household

Many people choose to pursue higher education while also raising a young family. If this is you, then hats off to you, as it’s difficult to juggle everything!

Usually, when you go to school, parent mode is off. But when you have to do distance learning, this can blur the lines between Mom and student time. Your family members (or roommates) might think that since you’re home all the time, this means they have access to you 24/7 now.

However, this isn’t true at all. To truly learn effectively, you need to have no distractions.

Make it very clear to everyone when you’re in class, as well as when you need to study and/or perform work for your job. If you think it’ll help, print out your schedule and stick it to the outside of your door. That way, if anyone needs you, but your door is closed (meaning “do not disturb”), they’ll know right away when you’re free again.

Always Communicate With Teachers and Fellow Students

Just because everything’s been moved online doesn’t mean you have to be isolated from everyone else. In fact, the opposite’s true!

With online education, it’s extremely important that you maintain constant communication with both your teachers and fellow students. This is especially true if there are lots of projects and collaboration is essential.

In some cases, your school will utilize a school control system like Campus Movil. This will make it a lot easier to view things like course information, your grades, and communication with others.

If you’re still confused about the expectations set forth by your teacher, make sure you get in touch with them. Make sure you understand what’s expected of you, including what materials you need and what you need to get done in the course.

You should also double-check if your courses are synchronous or asynchronous. If they’re synchronous, then you’ll have to log in to view lectures and interact with other students at the same time. If they’re asynchronous, then you’ll have more flexibility in when you view lectures and complete homework.

Take Full Advantage of the Resources Available

While it’s true that most students feel like online classes don’t offer the same value as in-person ones, there are still plenty of resources available to you. So it’s your duty to take full advantage of them!

For example, the majority of online classes (if not all) have message boards. Instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out a concept on your own, you can always pose your question on these boards. You might be able to facilitate a conversation where not only do you learn quicker, but it also helps others grasp concepts and study more efficiently too.

Make Sure You Practice Good Time Management

Like with working from home, taking online classes comes with a lot of freedom. But this freedom does come with great responsibility, as it’s up to you to use your time in the best way possible. Otherwise, it can be very easy to fall behind and even fail.

If you have issues managing your time wisely, it might help to search online for some free classes or articles. The most important things are to know:

  • What needs to be done (both on a larger scale and a more granular one)
  • When you should do these things

Make sure you consult with the class syllabus and write everything down on your calendar so you don’t miss anything. Not only do you need to set aside time to watch lectures, but you’ll also need to schedule slots of time to do coursework and studying for tests.

Pursue Higher Education Successfully With Online Schooling

The current COVID-19 pandemic is putting lots of strain on our daily lives, not to mention also shaking them up quite a bit. While all this change can be stressful, there are small steps you can take to live life as normally as possible.

With our above tips, hopefully, we’ve made online schooling a much easier process for you. That way, you can still pursue higher education effectively, even if times are a bit tough. So good luck and we wish you much success!

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