What is National Honor Society? 5 Ways it Changes Lives

If you were an overachiever in school, you might have been inducted into the National Honor Society, or even the National Junior Honor Society. 

Or, you attend secondary school now and have the opportunity to apply to this prestigious organization.

Or, you might be asking, “what is the national honor society?”

The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 by high school principals. Its constitution states a four-fold purpose: to create enthusiasm for scholarship; stimulate a desire to render service; promote leadership, and develop character in secondary school students.

Intrigued yet? Read on for 5 ways membership can change your life.

1. Leadership Opportunities

When you apply and are accepted into the National Honor Society or the National Junior Honor Society, you are eligible to take part in opportunities that will enhance your skills as a future leader. 

Three such events are the LEAD (Leadership, Experience, and Development) Conferences, the National Student Leadership Week, and State Summits. All these occasions help build leadership and networking skills that will benefit you as you enter college and the work world.

2. College Preparation and Financing 

An outstanding reason to apply for membership in the NHS is the boost that membership gives to your college applications.

Being a member of NHS indicates you have proven leadership and service-oriented skills. Combine these skills with a national honor society-level GPA, and you are a good candidate for acceptance into your chosen school. 

Also, the National Honor Society can teach you the ins and outs of college admissions and how to submit an excellent college application.

Even better, the NHS offers over 400 college scholarships to its members every year. Through the NHS, you can connect with financial aid advisors that can assist you in finding ways to pay for your college education.

3. Enhance Your Service Profile

The NHS has a large database of community service opportunities that members can explore.

Service to the broader community is a necessary part of your college application, and part of being a good citizen. The Honor Society can help you find and complete the hours needed for that purpose. 

4. Career Guidance

Membership in the National Honor Society gives you access to insider information on over five thousand company and internship profiles, as well as reviews on these jobs from folks already working there. 

You can learn how to create and refine your resume, as well as networking and interviewing skills, making you ready for your first job after college.

5. Exclusive Benefits You Can Use Beyond School

Visit the National Honor Society website to find discounts on test preparation, travel, and dining. There are also offers you might like for continuing education, health discounts, and regalia and gifts for graduates.

If you continue your membership past your high school years, you have access to these benefits and a lot more.

What is the National Honor Society? 

It’s your ticket to a bright future!

Now that you know the answer to “what is the national honor society,” find your school’s chapter, and apply today for all the benefits you need to be a success in work and life

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