Jeffrey Small Arbor Financial Talks About Planning for Retirement

Jeffrey Small Arbor Financial is a leading financial planning firm with offices throughout Florida. Staffed by experienced financial professionals, the company provides expert advice for clients looking to make smart financial decisions. Jeffrey Small Arbor Financial is committed to helping individuals and families create strategies to secure them for retirement financially.

With millions of Americans preparing for life after work, the issue of planning one’s financial future is becoming increasingly important. Jeffrey Small understands the complex issues seniors face and offers comprehensive services, such as:

  • Financial planning strategies for retirement
  • 401k plans and IRAs
  • Life insurance plans
  • Long-term care insurance policies
  • Investment advice and guidance

Arbor Financial provides senior citizens with various financial tools to help them manage their budgets and plan for the future. One important service is creating a comprehensive financial plan that can be adjusted over time. As market conditions change, so too can one’s strategy for retirement savings. Arbor Financial believes in working closely with clients to design tailored strategies to meet each individual’s unique needs.

Jeffrey Small advises people planning for retirement to be proactive and develop a financial strategy for their future. A big part of this process is ensuring that one’s spending habits are appropriate for the lifestyle one wishes to lead during retirement. Many families underestimate how much money they will need after they stop working, leading to significant problems in the future. Those who plan ahead and establish a savings strategy can avoid these pitfalls.

He advises the following for those trying to plan for retirement:

  • Reevaluate how much money one will need after retiring. Individuals need to account for inflation and other costs that could impact their plans.
  • Save as early as possible, even if it is just a few dollars each month. The sooner people start saving, the more time they have to grow their retirement funds.
  • Plan for a successful retirement by working with financial planners who can help individuals set up plans for the future.

When asked what the most crucial step to getting started planning for retirement was, Jeffery Small stated, “Starting early. By starting to invest in your future when you are young, the money has more time to grow and compound into an account that can be used in retirement.”

He went on to say, “Founding a long-term financial strategy that will fit your needs is an important step to take when planning for the future. All too often, people think they do not have enough money to save, but our experience shows that if you find ways to cut back on current spending and set up a budget plan, starting early can allow people to achieve their goals.”

“For instance, if you start to save at age 20 by investing $100 a month into your retirement account, that money will double in 10 years. If you wait until the age of 30 to invest those same amounts, it will take almost 20 years for those funds to double as inflation tends to outpace investments over time.”

Jeffrey Small also stated that there is no one-size-fits-all option for developing a financial strategy for retirement. He believes that people’s biggest mistake is not having someone qualified to work with them to build an individualized plan.