Top 5 games adapted movies made for game lovers

It goes without saying that drawing inspiration isn’t wrong.

The gaming world has experienced a hefty of it and all because of the kind of amazing storyline that majority of these video games provide with.

Every single one of the video games that we are about to mention has been turned into a hit movie to bring forth the best rendition of the story as per the writer.

It is important to note that the majority of the action and adventure related games are the ones which undergo such process because of the vivid and tantalizing storyline that they come around with.

If you are surprised just as much as we are, let us forget and take a closer look.

Assassin’s Creed

The rendition of the movie of Assassin’s Creed was possibly the stepping stone when it comes to the moment that the video games gained another level of recognition.

The storyline with the battle and the constant unrest between the Creed and the Templar Order was done quite amazingly, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

The movie starred Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, and Michael K. Williams and did perfectly render the time frame that the story was based around.

It is not the first choice for every single person, but the movie is most definitely not a bad one and worth a watch.


Yet another one of the popular game cum movies that was worth a mention was the Warcraft, without a speck of doubt.

It is not just the best movie adaptation of a video game, it was well perceived by the audience as well, amounting to a total net worth of $433 million which is pretty amazing.

The rendition of this movie did align well with the story in the video game without much of an exaggeration which is one of the factors that did influence the overall popularity of the game.

It left the audience contemplating the next scene with how well everything was written and executed which is one of the primary reasons behind the same.

Detective Pikachu

Now, we all know of Pokemon Go and the kind of hype it brought along.

Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, the Detective Pikachu was one such movie recently released that left everyone loving Pikachu even more than they did previously.

The movie didn’t leave any stone unturned and covered bases with every genre, from thrill to comedy to let the audience have the time of their lives.

The movie revolves around a 21-year old character, Tim Goldman who sets out on a mission to find his private investigator father and teams up with Pikachu in the meanwhile.

Ratchet and Clank

Yet another one of the popular video game turned movie has to be Ratchet and Clank.

It didn’t do well in the box office but it definitely wasn’t bad. It was more of underrated and people didn’t find the thrill that they did while actually playing the game themselves.

It is a very family friendly movie that you can switch on in any of the movie nights that you have at home and grab some popcorn and drinks in the meanwhile.

The best thing about the game definitely has to be the comic timing of the characters while did make everyone laugh their heart out.

Tomb Raider

You just can’t talk about the video games turned into movies and not talk about Tomb Raider.

This is possibly one of the most popular in this genre and all for the right reasons. Alicia Vikander did leave the audience spellbound with the amazing rendition of Lara that she did on the big screen.

The best part of this movie was that the writers stayed true to the game and didn’t over exaggerate anything in the movie.


Well, there is no particular movie that has been made solely about casino, but it indeed has been a central plot for many movies.

James Bond Casino Royale was one such movies, which features Daniel Craig and it indeed did great. There is still scope for making movie on casino as the central theme.

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Each one of them is better than the other and are a must watch.