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How You Can Show Your Teen Daughter You Trust Her

When a girl reaches her teenage years she begins to feel as if that it’s time for her to exert a sense of independence from her parents. She begins to spend a lot more time with her peers and less time around the house typically, and begins to identify more with those in her age group than her brothers and sisters who may be older or younger.

Her parents are used to having a sweet young girl who’s always at their beck and call and was happy to check in and let them know exactly where she is and what she’s doing. They now have a teenager who turns her phone off constantly and is reluctant to give any details when asked. The change is scary and disheartening.

However this is the way that things go as young women grow up. They must be given more Independence and be trusted to make your own decisions. The smart parents are the ones that understand this and build in ways for their daughter to go down this path guided. There are ways that parents can guide their daughter down a path to Independence.

Let Her Go to the Prom

The prom is an event where the young people have planned and will execute it. It is a chance for the young people to dress like their parents, he is a nice suit and she in a prom dress.  It is chaperoned by adults who will oversee the festivities but will only intervene in the event of a problem. For high school juniors and seniors, this is it is the ideal event for them to begin to show that they are responsible.

The prom is a party where young couples come to dance, and interact with each other in a social setting. Everyone is dressed impeccably. Each boy wearing their best suits and each young lady is wearing a long prom dress for the occasion.

Everyone looks beautiful and everyone is on their best behavior. In addition to the adult chaperones there are also student monitors making sure that everything is safe and everyone is adhering to the guidelines of the event. Young girls can gain lots of confidence by participating in a prom. They can prove to themselves and their parents that they don’t need to be watched over closely in order to have a good time that their parents would approve of.

Buy Her a Car

Buying your daughter a car is the ultimate statement in terms of you trusting her. First of all it is a very large purchase that you will have to make for her. This says that you believe that she is worthy of the money that is being spent. Second she will have to pass a written and driving test and adhere to very strict rules in order to be a safe and legal driver.

The process that she must go through in order to get a license gives you an indication is of the seriousness that she will use when driving a car. Giving her a car gives you the opportunity to have conversations with her about responsibility and trust. You should use these opportunities to constantly reinforce what the right things to do are in every situation.

Having your baby grow into a young woman is a difficult thing for a lots of parents to deal with. They used to being able to tell her what to do and not to do and have that respected. However the relationship will change as she grows older.

This does not mean however that relationship has to turn bad or that your young lady will stop listening to you, it only means that you have to build some trust into your relationship with her. If you place trust it the middle you can actually build a stronger relationship as she goes into a woman.