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4 Cool Gadgets that Every ACMPR Canada Member Should Buy

If you’re hoping to grow medical weed at home, look no further than the ACMPR Canada program. The program was released long before the recreational grow laws were passed in 2018. Even though Canadians in almost every province can now legally grow a few recreational plants at home, an ACMPR license for medical marijuana allows hundreds of plants. 

No matter if you simply smoke weed or you choose to grow it home, any cannabis lover is only as cool as the gadgets he or she uses. Nowadays, there are so many high-tech gadgets for smoking, dabbing, vaping, growing… no matter your intention for cannabis, there’s a gadget for it. Check out these 4 handy gadgets for cannabis lovers and growers. 

Magical Butter Maker

Even if you can’t stand smoking or vaping weed, you have options, such as eating your cannabis. Edibles are a great way to ingest your THC or CBD, which is why so many marijuana companies are creating potent gummy bears, brownies, lollipops, and other yummy edible treats. You can even buy prepackaged frozen pizza that has been infused with powerful THC. 

The only downside to buying edibles is that they are often way more costly than purchasing straight-up bud. So why not create the edibles yourself? Either grow your own cannabis plants at home or head to your local legal dispensary, gather your strains of choice, and use those crystally buds to create delicious edible snacks. 

The best way to do this is with the help of a Magical Butter Maker. Infusing butter and oil without a machine like this can be very difficult. You can create your cannabis-used butter in a few simple steps using the butter maker. Then, save the butter to add to your favorite yummy recipes. 

Wisp Vaporizing System

The Wisp Vaporizing System isn’t for everyone, but if you’re not a huge fan of smoking the traditional way, this is for you. It’s kind of like a Keurig machine that you would use to enjoy a single cup of coffee, only it is meant for enjoying a single dose of cannabis. You can purchase pods that come in a variety of flavors. Each time you load the pod up, you simply wait a few minutes before you can enjoy a single serving of vaped goodness. 

Leaf Grow System

The Leaf plug-n-plant grow system is the perfect solution for lazy growers. It doesn’t come cheap, but the 4×2 foot box functions as a mini grow house that has completely automated operations. Within the box, you can only fit 2 plants so this isn’t the ideal solution for big-time growers. However, it’s still pretty cool to watch the Leaf Grow System work its magic. 

GrowBuddy Mobile App

GrowBuddy isn’t so much a gadget as it is an app. No matter if you’re a seasoned grower or a newbie, the GrowBuddy mobile application is the perfect way to thoroughly plan out your grow op. This resource is especially helpful for growers who have yet to develop a green thumb. The entire concept of GrowBuddy is based around helping users plan out their crop from start to finish.